Geological Studies

As the underlying earth science when dealing with groundwater issues, we believe that adopting the best knowledge and technology for geological characterisation of the subsurface is of paramount importance. For this reason, we look beyond expertise from only the water sector. Huge budgets have allowed the oil industry to develop sophisticated knowledge and tools for hydrocarbon exploration and the adoption of certain of these skill sets realises significant added value if applied to groundwater scenarios.

basin analysis & seismic interpretation

Geological characterization of the Western Arabian Gulf
A geological study as part of groundwater resources exploration in Kuwait. Work involved assessment of the regional geology in the western Gulf and adjoining countries, as this plays a role in genesis and ongoing recharge of aquifers in Kuwait. To date, this has not been done before in detail. Study elements include an extensive literature study, (petroleum) seismic interpretation, static geological modelling using Kingdom and Petrel, lithofacies mapping, petrophysical well analysis and regional drainage basin analysis.

geological mapping

Geological characterization of offshore Qatar
Ongoing study that involves the geological evaluation of the Qatar offshore area with a focus on the upper 1000 m, a depth interval that has not been explored in great detail. Assessment involves the regional structural and stratigraphic framework, lithofacies distribution and hydraulic reservoir properties for groundwater development. Geological models of the entire Qatar onshore and offshore are in preperation using Petrel.

reservoir geological overview

in-depth geological overview of Kazakhstan
One of first country overviews of the exploration geology of the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan. Used primarily for assessing hydrocarbon potential, the assessment offers complete summaries of the stratigraphy, reservoir quality and source rock potential for all basins, in particular for less explored areas in the Caspian Sea.