Water Training

water_trainingAlthough not a core business, we can provide training courses in a variety of earth science fields.

geochemical modelling with phreeqc

4 day training course hydrochemistry
This 4-day course introduces participants to the modelling of hydrochemical, isotope geochemical, and microbial processes with the popular PHREEQC and related software. Simulation of all major biogeochemical processes will be explained and practiced step-by-step starting from simple systems and going towards more complex integrated case studies in the end. The course is designed for people who want to refresh their knowledge on (isotope) hydrochemistry and learn how to construct (isotope) biogeochemical models for their own studies. The course focuses on applications in environmental chemistry and contaminant hydrogeology in groundwater and soils. Exercises cover both organic and inorganic (metal) biogeochemistry.

hydrological applications of rs and gis

individual and group training
A practical course can be given on the numerous hydrological applications of aerial and satellite Remote Sensing, combined with a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tutorial and training using ArcGIS software. The course can be tailored to varying degrees of hydrological understanding and GIS proficiency. For more information or a detailed offer, please contact us.

hydrological geophysics & field surveys

theory and application of various groundwater survey techniques and tools
Based on several case studies, the course will detail theory and practice of the most important investigation techniques for groundwater projects. These include the use and limitations of forward and inverse modelling and seismic, electromagnetic and electrical surveying methods. Water sampling and analysis techniques will also be presented. Application of the main techniques would normally be instructed in the field and concluded with a practical assignment.