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More than with other disciplines within the water sector, the application of urban drainage and (urban and rural) water harvesting techniques require a broad understanding of the functioning of the water system and a clear framework within which to operate. Without this, cause and effect of stormwater discharges and flooding, and effective measures along the water chain to reduce flood risk, remain a black box. It becomes even more challenging when discharge and storage measures are combined with measures to effectively reuse water. Well-know solutions such as a water barrel in the garden require little imagination, but more complex groundwater recharge, retention and reuse schemes require extensive understanding of the water system, soil properties and possible water utilizations. These more technical matters are only part of the equation. Success equally depends on matters such as effective management of data, broad stakeholder understanding and commitment, and cost-effective monitoring.

Decision support systems (DSS) are often developed to help understand and manage the complexities, decision moments and causes & effects in the water system. These roadmaps may be constructed to facilitate decision making at a very high level, to more elaborate systems where the user is supported by a database that includes relevant background information, such national legislation, regional policy guidelines, case studies, drainage methods and BMP’s (best management practices).

Strongly based in science, best practices and with an extensive professional network, NECTÆRRA can help you understand your water system, and help you build reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Typical issues:

  • What are the typical functionalities of the water systems?
  • What are the relations between surface water and the groundwater?
  • What are the effects of climate change to the hydrological processes?
  • How can we adopt climate change by alter the water system?