NECTÆRRA is an independent company providing water and soil research and consulting services.

We support customers in the Netherlands and abroad by implementing:
• Geohydrological services: exploration, fieldwork and monitoring, analyses, and (fresh-salt water) modelling
• Sustainable land and water management services, including water harvesting, urban water and flood control
• Farming water services: water conservation & management, irrigation design, and monitoring
• Farming cultivation services: sustainable farm design, agroforestry, soil management, and farm salinity control and remediation

Our business model principally revolves around the provision of only the highest qualified professional experts, while maintaining a fair remuneration system with little overhead and thus cost to our Clients.

With backgrounds in hydro(geo)logy, soil and land management and engineering, it is our passion to change water and challenges into sustainable solutions that customers understand can and can apply. Innovative where necessary, but always keeping track on the benefits. Designs and solutions that are in harmony with the environment and the customer.

Our home base is the Netherlands, a country with a long history in water and agriculture, and a strong network of private and public organizations.

Your reliable partner in hydrology and sustainable land and water management.