NECTÆRRA is an independent company in research and advice for water and sustainable agriculture. We work with our clients in The Netherlands and abroad by implementing:

• Groundwater exploration, fieldwork and monitoring, analysis and (fresh-salt) modeling, irrigation design


• Urban hydrology and water management
• Sewer data management, stress testing, sewer design with an eye for soil

Regenerative agriculture
• Design and implementation of sustainable cultivation, agroforestry, soil improvement, and the handling and recovery of salinization.

• Climate-smart agriculture solutions, adaptation, and mitigation.

• Cover and companion crops composition and delivery of cover and companion crops to support cultivation and soil restoration.

Modeling and Field Investigation

With backgrounds in hydrology, agronomy and engineering, our vision is to turn water and challenges into sustainable solutions that customers understand they can and can apply. Innovative where necessary, but always keeping an eye on the benefits. Designs and solutions that are in harmony with the environment and the customer.

Our home base is the Netherlands, a country with a long history in water and agriculture, and a strong network of private and public organizations.

Your reliable partner in hydrology and sustainable agriculture.