At Nectaerra we provide the following expertise and services in the following fields

Groundwater hydrology

The core of what we do lies in groundwater and earth sciences. Understanding how fresh and brackish groundwater behaves, and what opportunities and challenges exist in the urban and rural setting.

Agricultural water management and irrigation

A challenging and important field, it deals with finding climate-smart solutions to harvest, reuse and distribute water on a farm, and to tune irrigation to crop needs, without spilling water.

Urban water, climatic stress tests and sewer design

Providing safe conditions to live with water in urban areas is more and more challenging due to climate change.

Flood control dike and levee assessment

Dikes and levees, especially in the Netherlands, protect people and valuable resources from flooding, and understanding the behaviour of water in and around dikes is the field of hydrologists.

Offshore groundwater exploration

Most people do not know that fresh and brackish water exists under the seabed worldwide, and Nectaerra is the first company worldwide to actively explore and discover this water.

Sustainable, commercial farming

Farming for the future is we believe farming with nature, but keeping profit to farmers paramount. Through our sister company SOWATRSOil, WAter, TRees – we try to do just this.


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