Flood control

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With over one-third of the country lying below sea level and as the delta of major rivers such as the Rhine and Meuse, the Netherlands has had a long relationship with flood risk. The Dutch water boards are the institutions responsible for keeping the country dry and safe, ever since the foundation of the first water board in 1248, over 750 years ago. An elaborate network of over 13,000 km of dikes and levees protect the country.

Our services consist of dike safety studies, conducted from a hydrological and geophysical perspective. In addition, we provide institutional and management consultancy. Well placed in the middle of the Dutch water sector, through partnerships NECTÆRRA can bring to bear extensive experience in other fields of expertise, such as geotechnics and scientific R&D.

• Management for dike reconstructions
• Optimalisation of drought inspections
• Field research preparations
• Geofysical field investigations and piezometer installations
• Hydrologische characterization of dikes
• Modelling and schematizations of groundwater levels

Typical challenges

    • Which dikes are sensitives for droughts
    • How do dikes respond to precipitation and droughts
    • When to inspect dikes during drought?
    • How large are risks for piping?
    • How large is the groundwater variation through dikes
    • Which locations and which data have the highest edit value?