Regenerative Agriculture

Farming for the future is we believe farming with nature, but keeping profit to farmers paramount. On-farm water management is vital to save water, reduce the risk of flooding and generate the right conditions for healthy soil and life. In many cases, poor water management also leads to the salinization of soil and water.

In this field, we design and implement measures such as water harvesting, storage, and reuse, and water management systems on farms to divert water to where it is needed, and where not.

Efficient irrigation is the second part of the equation. Not too much water – most farmers still massively over-irrigate – but of course not too little. From smart and simple ways to see what a crop needs, to more advanced monitoring, and analytical or numerical computations to determine the irrigation exactly.

On the cultivation side, our activities run through our sister company SOWATRSOil, WAter, TRees. With a focus on sustainable, commercial farming, our attention lies in applying agroforestry, soil restoration and permaculture practices. Improving the micro-climate, water use and soil health, lowering the need for artificial inputs, and restoring ecological and financial resilience and income to farmers, large and small.

Companion crops, Delta, Egypt