Field investigation


Nectaerra conducts field research to determine the most important hydrological parameters in soil, water, and atmosphere; as part of studies for which Nectaerra also provides technical advice. The added value is provided by the fact that the consultant is also present during the field research and thereby the important guarantee that measurements yield optimum results in terms of accuracy and location, while in-situ measurements can be adjusted on the basis of the findings.
Nectaerra carries out the following technical field research:

  • The installation and maintenance of in-situ measurements of water level, soil moisture, infiltration capacity, water stress and permeability;
  • Carrying out electromagnetic and electric probes for the determination of soil composition and groundwater level;
  • Installation of monitoring wells in combination with further measuring equipment such as divers;
  • Carrying out (geodetic) land measurements and surveys with for example (D)GPS and leveling equipment;
  • Performing gamma-ray and resistance logging in wells;
  • Installation and maintenance of meteorological stations and rain gauges.