Some Projects

A selection of projects is highlighted below.


offshore groundwater development

Exploration of offshore palaeogroundwater in the gulf of Thailand and assessment of development concepts and water cost

onshore groundwater exploration

The study explored possible new sources of groundwater in Kuwait

fractured aquifer exploration

exploring groundwater in fractured bedrock

basin analysis & seismic interpretation

Geological characterization of the Western Arabian Gulf

geological mapping

Geological characterization of offshore Qatar

reservoir geological overview

in-depth geological overview of Kazakhstan

saline intrusion mapping

mapping of fresh-salt water interface in coastal areas of the netherlands.

dike composition mapping

dike composition survey using non-conventional techniques

drainage & sewer plan

Municipal sewer plan for the city of The Hague

discharge model studies

modelling of drainage and discharge of urban stormwater

drainage systems modelling tool

modelling tool for surface discharges

water harvesting decision support system

Web-based DSS for drainage and harvesting solutions

stormwater drainage and harvesting

study into water harvesting and flood reduction measures

rainfall & temperature prediction

Prediction of future rainfall and temperate using GCM’s and a unique predictor model

dike failure pilot

A unique study to collapse a dike and evaluate failure behaviour, soil strength and modelling predictions

Dike and levee assessments

Technical assessments of dikes and levees for water defense

Satellite information and hydrogeology in dike inspection

Satellite RS and hydrogeology in dike drought inspections

guidelines storm water management

Formulation of Dutch sewer guidelines

urban water & drainage policy

municipal sewer plan the hague

policy for data, acquisition & utilization

Structuring the decision making in the data/information/knowledge chain

geochemical modelling with phreeqc

4 day training course hydrochemistry

hydrological applications of rs and gis

individual and group training

hydrological geophysics & field surveys

theory and application of various groundwater survey techniques and tools