Our vision of a sustainable world is shown in our Hydrology work by a focus on the whole earth system, of which water is a part. The system approach is based on the understanding of underlying earth system components such as geology, climate, and morphology, allowing to produce solutions suited for the short and long term.

We value data and care to know how it has been collected. We perform field work ourselves, allowing a better understanding of the situation and optimally reflect on data reliability, quality, and limitations.

We have a range of equipment in-house for water, soil, and crop testing and monitoring, and work together with specialized partners in geophysics and lab testing.

  • Services

    • System analyses and hydrogeological & salinity modeling and advice
    • Climatic stress tests, sewer & groundwater drainage design, and data conformation (climate smart GWSW-accreditation)
    • Agricultural water management and irrigation design
    • Field work & data collection