What we do

We provide advice, designs, field support, training and products for cleints and farmers seeking regenerative and innovative solutions that help manage their resources and improve their livelihood. We provide solutions that are financially and ecologically profitable for lands facing drought, salinity, and degradation.


Nectaerra is committed to responsible water resources management, with a focus on environmental conservation and long-term resilience

  • Groundwater and stormwater fieldwork, analysis, modelling, and advice

  • Drought, salinization, and farm water studies.

  • Urban water management.


Nectaerra is dedicated to transforming agricultural practises towards sustainability and ecological restoration. We collaborate with farmers to implement holistic and environmentally conscious techniques that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. 

  • Design, implement and train in regenerative agriculture

  • Agroforestry, and soil restoration.

  • Drought and salinity mitigation.

  • Customized cover-companion crop seeds.