A more sustainable world requires a vision for agriculture and natural resources. We believe that principally, all farm choices must be aimed at the long-term survival of the farm.

Contrary to long-term sustainability is conventional farming adopted by most, which is an input-intensive and dependent, anti-biotic approach that leaves areas with degraded and saline soils, unhealthy life and crops, and farmers that see no future in farming anymore as their livelihood erodes.

When focusing on (short and long-term) ecological and financial sustainability, it becomes very clear what practices should be adopted and which not. This is regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and water management.

  • Services

    • Development of profitable green business models and agroeconomics
    • Regenerative and agroforestry advisory, implementation support, and training
    • Advice on soil restoration, fertility, composting, pest & disease management, and biological solutions
    • Customized cover and companion crop seed mixes for various crops, conditions, and salinity
    • Farm water management and irrigation planning
    • Capacity building training to stakeholder groups on conventional-to-regenerative transition