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NECTAERRA provides high-end consulting, monitoring and training in hydrology, farming, and agroforestry for a more sustainable and equal world.

What we do

Nectaerra supports clients and landowners to maximise the performance of water and land assets in areas with water and salinity problems. With technical innovations or sustainable, regenerative solutions that are financially and ecologically superior.


Sustainable water resource management from a system and earth science philosophy for cost-effective solutions that benefit people, planet and long-term resilience.

  • Groundwater and urban water fieldwork, analysis, modelling, and advice
  • Urban water management.
  • Drought, salinization, and farm water studies.


Transforming agriculture and land use towards financial and ecological sustainability with tools and techniques benefitting soil health, biodiversity, resilience and carbon sequestration. 

  • Design, implemention & monitoring of regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and soil restoration.
  • Drought and salinity mitigation.
  • Customized cover-companion crop seeds.

Why do we do that?

Our future requires a different way of looking at business cases and solutions. Approaches that preserve natural assets, constructions and profitability, and prevent side effects like drought, salinity, and land degradation. Local sustainable solutions for impact, biodiversity, climate and income resilience, and a healthy and safe living environment.


We work on projects that deliver sustainable solutions to a wide range of challenges. This work promotes sustainability, innovation, and collaboration in order to have a positive and lasting impact. Read about our projects.

First agroforestry farm- Egypt

Nectaerra designed the first agroforestry farm in Egypt at Sekem Farm and provides ongoing farming support. The agroforestry field consists of a wide variety of trees, bushes and annual crops, including cover crops. The system is expected to become self-supporting to a large degree by better soil fertility and stronger plants, reducing the needs for artificial inputs for fertilization and chemical protection. Nectaerra is the agroforestry partner in the PRIMA project with various universities in the EU that will continuously monitor and evaluate the developments.

Saline groundwater mapping and risk prediction- Netherlands

Successful predicting saline groundwater intrusion into the surface water and soils in a residential area due to sewer works. Field work with cone-penetration tests including resistivity (outsourced), monitoring wells, infiltration and water quality tests, and soil classification. A 3D groundwater (SEAWAT) model was built including the civil infrastructure, with prediction of salinization and soil stability, and pumping requirements for artificial drainage.

Future Farm model- Netherlands

The study assessed the ways in which conventional farms in The Netherlands could best be transformed to sustainable, commercial farms, highlighting the technical and commercial challenges, solutions, and priorities for various crops and soil types.

projects worldmap

Nectaerra Head office, Hilversum, The NL

First agroforestry farm- Egypt

Impact of climate change on water use of sorghum in Mali

Climate change effect on water use of sorghum and wheat- Sudan

DESALT (Dutch Egyptian Saline Agriculture and Learning Technologies), Egypt

Feasibility study on the production of fresh and brackish groundwater- Thailand

Unconventional and Offshore groundwater exploration- Kuwait

paleogroundwater exploration, Qatar

Agricultural water management and agroforestry, Kenya

Climate and water smart farming training and demonstration, Iraq

Sewer and drainage design with groundwater storage, The NL

Saline groundwater mapping and risk prediction, The NL

Business scoping for saline farming and water management study, Iraq

The Lighthouse project, Egypt

Cultivation and water assessment in Asparagus farm, The NL

Understanding and feasibility of sustainable farming decision support tool, The NL

Unconventional groundwater exploration, South Africa

Hydrological monitoring and capacity building for forest and hillslope regreening ,India

Salinity and drought management in arid environments- Shiraka, Iraq

TMT+ Iraq: Climate smart and saline optimized farming and water management in Iraq

Demonstration on saline agriculture and water management, Jordan

TMT- Regenerative agriculture training- Nuffic, Egypt

Urban Hydrology and flood control


We are a diverse team of technical hydrology and regenerative agriculture experts with a global perspective and cultural and regional insights. The team can bring a wide range of knowledge and skills ranging from interdisciplinary collaboration, adaptability and innovation

Our partners

We collaborate with our public and private sector partners around the world to ensure the quality of our work. This collaborative approach helps harness diverse expertise and resources to achieve common goals.

Offshore wind RVO
RVO – Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Den Helder - Sustainable Houses Route

Municipality of Den Helder

Information magazine Bodegraven-Reeuwijk 2019-2020 - Rebonieuws.nl

Municipality of Bodegraven Reeuwijk


Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) - IAHR

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

Advance Consulting - NLBH Kenia

Advance Consulting

4th Digital Transformation Jordan – Building digital ecosystems through collaboration, connectivity and convergence for better experiences and engagements

NARC Jordan
Policies and agreements
The Hague Academy of local governance

ma4sure – Welcome to the MA4SURE project


Refresh the food system - Pakhuis de Zwijger

Netherlands Food Partnership

Working at the municipality of Katwijk

Katwijk Municipality

Kuwait makes three oil and gas discoveries |  kuwaittimes

Kuwait Oil Company

Kiwa |  LinkedIn

Kiwa Farm

Masr Afdal |  SEKEM

Sekem Group

We Forest India


Wageningen University and Research - Short Term Programs

Wageningen University & Research

We're supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Prince Claus Fund

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hazel Farm


Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderwartier

Heliopolis University - Wikipedia

Heliopolis University

IV group |  IDEA StatiCa

IV Group

waternet logo -

Water Net

Netherlands Water Partnership

Netherlands Water Partnership

ICARDA |  Science for resilient livelihoods in dry areas


Waterboard Schieland and the Krimpenerwaard

Seed Laws Toolbox

Seed NL

basrah un. logo | University, Iraq, Find picture

Basrah University



Home | FarmTree.earth

FarmTree Tool

Research and Innovation Centre TOI

Research and Innovation Centre at Inholland University of Applied Sciences


Municipality of Haarlem - Geo

City of Haarlem

Logo Voorschoten gets a small makeover

Municipality of Voorschoten
Security Delta (HSD) |  Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

Province of North Brabant Logo

Province of North Brabant

The Salt Doctors |  LinkedIn

The Salt Doctors

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