First agroforestry farm- Egypt

Nectaerra designed the first agroforestry farm in Egypt at Sekem Farm and provides ongoing farming support. The agroforestry field consists of a wide variety of trees, bushes and annual crops, including cover crops. The system is expected to become self-supporting to a large degree by better soil fertility and stronger plants, reducing the needs for artificial inputs for fertilization and chemical protection. Nectaerra is the agroforestry partner in the PRIMA project with various universities in the EU that will continuously monitor and evaluate the developments.

Saline groundwater mapping and risk prediction- Netherlands

Successful predicting saline groundwater intrusion into the surface water and soils in a residential area due to sewer works. Field work with cone-penetration tests including resistivity (outsourced), monitoring wells, infiltration and water quality tests, and soil classification. A 3D groundwater (SEAWAT) model was built including the civil infrastructure, with prediction of salinization and soil stability, and pumping requirements for artificial drainage.

Future Farm model- Netherlands

The study assessed the ways in which conventional farms in The Netherlands could best be transformed to sustainable, commercial farms, highlighting the technical and commercial challenges, solutions, and priorities for various crops and soil types.

Climate change effect on water use of sorghum and wheat- Sudan

Sorghum and wheat are among the most important crops grown in the Sahel countries. Using the soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer model SWAP, we assessed how two scenarios of predicted climate change (in 2050 and 2100) would affect crop water demand for different locations with different soil types. The outcome showed how soil type plays a role, with climate scenarios leading to considerable differences in biomass growth.

Groundwater exploration- Kuwait

Various exploration studies for new groundwater resources. Drilling (outsourced), geophysical logging and well sampling, geophysical modelling, electromagnetic surveying, seismic interpretation, petrophysical log analysis, geological and hydrological modelling, remote sensing, and GIS. New groundwater was discovered and delineated of recent and fossil (old) origin.

Sewer and drainage design with groundwater storage- Netherlands

Sewer design with groundwater assessment. The existing mixed sewer system was to be replaced by a drainage and infiltration system that stores rainwater in the ground and manages groundwater to prevent salinization and damage to buildings. 3D models constructed (InfoWorks + Modflow), and a field survey and climate stress test including model optimization were delivered.